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Life Among the Gorillas…….

imagesCAM06VDU  I was watching some people today and it made me think of a comparison someone once told me. When scientists and the such want to get close to gorillas, they have to adapt themselves to the gorillas environment. They strut, grunt, walk, beat their chest, etc just like a gorilla. All so they can be accepted.

I am finding out that humans are not much different with each other. We all know what it is like to be picked on, made fun of and teased. Sometimes we will join in on picking on someone just so we are included and not the ones singled out. It is a sad state of affairs that something that starts in our youth can carry over to adulthood.

I have no love for bullies… when I was younger I got teased pretty often. My parents were lower class so I didn’t have the “name brand” Air Jordans, Levi’s, etc. I was always fairly intelligent, loved books, and although active, playing baseball, football, wrestling, and martial arts I was a bit pudgy. I mean there is not much you can do with my frame. I was always taller, wide as a truck because of huge bone structure and probably not ever smooth with the ladies.

It’s really funny now that I think about it, I mean my size and strength played out later in life with combat training. It has saved my life probably at least a few times against stab wounds, gun shots etc. I have gained so much from those experiences. I have learned to not back down, not be embarrassed easily and to never show weakness. But I wonder why as a society we still tolerate this type of behavior?

I mean I know where I stand now, I wouldn’t tolerate it. I would either knock someone on their ass or embarrass them back. But it troubles me to think how our kids deal with this stuff daily. What the hell is wrong with parents that they let their kids do this stuff? I know there is no simple answer, it troubles me that this is probably going to go on long after I leave this earth.

I guess all I can do it make sure my children understand chivalry, defending the weak, and knowing how to physically protect themselves. Such is I guess what your life is if you are trying to live among the gorillas……


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