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The Pineapple Incident

imagesCAR6A905  I find that in my years of life as I get close to a birthday, I reflect often on my past, my present and what my future holds. It is not that I lead a super exciting life now, I follow the same hum drum as most everyone, work, sleep, eat, etc. But I remember a time when I was always on the go, constantly on the defense and seeking to “do” something, whether a project, a job, mission, etc.

I often want to go back to those times, finding I feel like I am missing out…… but am I, I wonder? I mean don’t we always think back fondly remembering past exploits, youthful dalliances, fun things we remembered doing as kids, great movies, etc etc……

I mean I often watch a show called “How I Met Your Mother” and laugh as the main character is always telling his kids stories about life before he met their mom. It makes me realize we are a mankind of remembrances, whether it be of childhood, life situations, and those who have left us whether it be through abandonment or death.

I think sometimes the hardest part about being happy with your present life is we always want to tie it in and compare it to a fleeting moment of life. While I am grateful for all the experiences I have had, the great people I have met and gotten to befriend and the great moments I have had I often then will reassess the family, friends, and loves I lost. So I guess the question is, when do we actually take the time and be happy with what we have now?

It’s like listening to the 80’s & 90’s music of my generation. I often love listening to the songs, laughing and remembering the music, the times, and the fun. But then I think of doing that now and cringe. Not because of the music per say but just remembering the dress, the styles, and the atmosphere. I would never do that stuff now. So maybe that’s what life is… learning from your past, adapting it to your present and future; and then making it relevant to your life. Does it teach you or does it define you?

And speaking about “How I Met Your Mother”, did they ever explain that damn pineapple?


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